• More than half of the world’s population is based in towns and cities today, where we tend to live with more closed than open windows.

  • Air fresheners can mask or neutralise unpleasant odours in the home.

  • They can deliver an instant touch of fragrance or a long-lasting scent to enhance the atmosphere in the home.

Safe use

  • Hoida lastele kättesaamatus kohas.
  • Vältida silma sattumist. Silma sattumisel loputada rohke veega.
  • Ruum pärast kasutamist õhutada.
  • Pärast kasutamist loputa käed.

Sustainable use

  • Remember: air fresheners do not replace good hygiene practices. Natural ventilation is a common good hygiene practice.

  • For more information on air fresheners and how to use them, check out this information that manufacturers have put together.